The Flatmount is the newest machine in our corrugated line-up. Quite unlike its predecessors; the OPTIMOUNT and SAMM Postprint, the Flatmount mounts plates on a table, rather than on a cylinder.


Although mounting on cylinders had been the norm for years, mounting flat instead offered unexplored possibilities of improvement. To find if this type of mounting could be better, our R&D department conducted extensive research and ran lengthy tests. The results proved that there is real potential for this way of mounting, with on average 30% faster mounting times over other machines. Besides the increased speed, there was also an increase in efficiency deriving from the ease of use. Furthermore, the cost of the Flamount is lower than both the OPTIMOUNT and SAMM Postprint. This leads to less investment risk and a faster ROI. Thanks to all of these beneficial developments, a shift away from cylindrical mounters to flat mounters is not at all unlikely.

Even though AV Flexologic is a strong supporter of this new way of mounting, it would be remiss not to mention the drawbacks to the Flatmount. Primarily, these drawbacks come from the same area as the array of advantages, namely the fact that it is a flat mounting machine.  When you take a cylinder and lay it flat, the total area it inhabits increases. Therefore the biggest inconvenience that comes along with the Flatmount, is its total size. To illustrate this more clearly, the images below contain the m2 of both Flatmount and SAMM Postprint.

Now that we have discussed both the advantages and disadvantages of the Flatmount, let’s look at the workflow. The way the machine works is slightly different to round mounted models, but by no means drastically so.


To start; the operator places the mylar onto the table which makes it possible to lock it into place with the optional clamping system and vacuum table.  Then, a job must be selected, after which the cameras will automatically move into the position of the mounting marks. The operator must then position the flexo plate. This can be done manually or with the help of our image recognition system. When the latter option is chosen, the screen will show “OK” signs, indicating it is positioned correctly. What remains then, is to remove the double-sided tape and make sure the mylar and flexo plate are stuck together. To make sure this happens quickly and without any air inclusions, we have an optional pressure roller, which can be used to avoid any human error and increase the total efficiency. To see the machine operated accordingly, please watch the video below.


The previously mentioned two options; the vacuum table and pressure roller are ideal for further increasing the efficiency of the mounting process. But besides these, the Flatmount offers a few other leading options. Similar to our other automated machines, it is possible to choose to add our image recognition system. This system will help position the plate perfectly because it constantly measures the position of the mounting marks. The system then also performs a quality check and subsequently creates a PDF report on the matter without delay.

The last two options that are particularly noteworthy are the Inkjet and VPP (virtual printing proof). The Inkjet is AV Flexologic’s latest innovation designed for the corrugated post-print industry. The technology is used to apply individual information on print jobs directly onto a mylar before mounting plates. What this means, is that there is no longer a need for labelling, human interaction can be reduced, standardization can be improved and duplication of information can be eliminated.

As for the VPP; this is a new option available to the Flatmount. What it does is provide virtual proof of the mounted plates by scanning each plate after mounting. The camera provides digital imagery of the mounted plate, which can then be exported as a PDF and sent to customers. Choosing this option by itself will already allow you to remove the need for manual inking, prevent mistakes and gain a higher amount of control over the printing process!

Lastly; we have received a lot of positive feedback on our Flatmount, which is shared on our website. If there is any interest in our newest corrugated machinery and the possibilities it can offer, please see our product page here. You can also download our brochure for other corrugated machinery as well as watch related videos. Together, these will hopefully provide all the necessary information.