The continuous growth we are experiencing brings us to new, higher levels. Thanks to our new partner, Packaging Personified, we just reached another milestone in our journey to innovate the flexographic industry. They recently bought our 500th automatic mounter, a SAMM 1700 2.0 .

We would like to thank them and share why they chose AV Flexologic as their partner.

When we got down to a point to select an individual technology, we felt that the SAMM automatic mounting machine was the best possible solution’

Packaging Personified started looking into upgrading their mounting equipment in 2018. In their efforts to improve their business and equipment, the mounter they heard the most about was the SAMM from AV Flexologic.

They visited three existing customers of AV Flexologic and were impressed by the quality and speed of the mounting process. They immediately decided to buy not one, but two machines for both their locations: Carol Stream, Illinois and Sparta, Michigan.

Since the installation of the mounter, both facilities have experienced an increase in productivity. They went from 20 to 30 plates per shift, to 50 to 60 plates per shift with the SAMM.

Remounts due to registration and crooked plates have pretty much been eliminated.’

‘Since the introduction of SAMM at Packaging Personified, we have experienced a drastic improvement in quality.’

The SAMM 1700 is very intuitive. Their employees also find it significantly easier to use compared to a traditional mounter. This ease of operation allows them to improve flexibility in staffing, allowing for the cross training of multiple individuals to cover the mounting needs off shifts, and a reduction in overall training time.

‘The SAMM has a pressure roller to lay down the sticky back automatically, allowing for more production.’

The three main benefits of using the SAMM 2.0, as recognized by Packaging Personified, are:

  • Automatic Mounting: the automation of the mounting process eliminates operator dependency during the mounting and prevents human errors.
  • Consistent and accurate mounting: the robotic table positions the mounting plate with high accuracy each and every time. The high-speed cameras ensure sharp ultra-high resolution images that enable an efficient and accurate mounting process.
  • Boosting efficiency: the operator dependence decreases due to the automation of the mounting process, therefore boosting efficiency.