The latest innovations in the narrow-web printing and packaging industry were presented at the Labelexpo in Brussels, Belgium. The show took place in Brussels Expo from the 24th until the 27th of September, 2019.

AV Flexologic celebrated its 50 years of innovation at Labelexpo with the launching of newly designed mounting machines with advanced features.


Automatic SAMM 2.0 800

The Automatic SAMM 2.0 is the world’s fastest and most accurate mounting machine for labels. The automatic flexo plate mounter will mount one flexo plate after another with unmatched repeatability and accuracy (5 microns). Every flexo plate is mounted with a record 30-second mounting speed, while the pressure roller ensures an air-bubble free operation.

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Automatic SAMM Upside-Down

The Automatic SAMM USD is an extremely precise, fast and easy to operate flexo plate mounting machine for cylinders and sleeves. The machine automatically positions the plate and nearly no operator skills are required. Equipped with advanced features such as Image Recognition software, Quality Reports and automatic moving cameras, this flexo plate mounter is a cost-saving solution for  every flexo printing press.

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The MOM USD is an ergonomic motorized mounting machine for labels. It is equipped with all the AV Flexologic standard features and ensures good quality results.

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The TableTop flexo plate mounter is an entry-level manual machine for labels. This easy-to-operate machine is equipped with cones of choice for locking sleeves or cylinders. The TableTop is also using the patented Overlay System for easily and accurately positioning the flexo plate.

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The Cosmoline is the ultimate water washable photopolymer plate processor, which includes an optional Exposure unit with UVA and UVC lights. Equipped with an inline processor, which automatically transfers the washable photopolymer plates to the drying unit, the Cosmoline saves valuable operator time and simplifies the plate making process. Additionally, the Cosmoline includes two adjustable washing plate brushes in order to ensure that all the residuals have been removed.

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