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A family business with a history of 50 years

AV Flexologic is part of the Color Control Group, a privately owned group of companies in the Netherlands, owned by the Otten family. At AV Flexologic we treat our customers as partners and we create solutions based on their needs.

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How to apply tape using the cutting knife and tape holder

The cutting knife provides a seamless and easy tape application without damaging the sleeve. It is equipped with a ceramic blade with adjustable width, therefore the knife cuts through the tape but not the sleeve.


VPP: Virtual Proof Print - Digital proof print of corrugated flexo plates

The VPP provides a digital proof print after scanning each mylar. After that, it created a PDF with scanning results. The VPP prevents press downtime related to mounting plates upside-down while it is easy to spot misalignments.

Flexo industry

The latest trends and challenges in the flexo industry

The flexo industry is evolving and AV Flexologic has identified some key industry trends and their implications. Watch AV Flexologic's webinar and learn how the automation in the prepress department can help you overcome these challenges.