Segers & Balcen is a family-owned flexible packaging and technical film producer based in Liedekerke, Belgium. The Company manages its product life cycle from extrusion to final packaging product. Since 2014, Segers & Balcaen is running their plate-mounting and stripping area on a Fully Automatic Mounting Machine (FAMM), in combination with the Demounter, for stripping plates.

“The Demounter in combination with the FAMM is ideal. The operator can demount plates or tape while the FAMM is mounting the plates onto sleeves. Before we purchased the FAMM we were already thinking of purchasing the Demounter. We had a lot of issues with broken plates due to demounting and now, with this device, we can increase the lifetime of the plates, decreasing the plate remake costs. We have chosen for the additional option of cones to apply tape on the rear of the machine. We now use the Demounter to demount plates and tape, while we use the cones to clean the sleeves and to apply the tape”.