With more than 50 years of experience in the corrugated postprint industry, Rudico B.V. is a leading flexo printing company in the Netherlands. Rudico B.V. has a constant drive for innovation and their priority is to provide their customers with high-quality solutions. Therefore, the company invested in a FLATMOUNT 3000 and is able to deliver excellent results, faster and more precisely than ever.

« We have invested in a new mounter because it can mount faster and the quality is very good. So, our customers are very happy with the printing plates »

Edwin Van Gijtenbeek, Production ManagerRudico B.V.

Advantages of using the Flatmount

Flatmount mounting machine, AV Flexologic, automatic moving cameras

“We can work faster, more precisely and for the engineer, who is working on the machine, it is much more ergonomic”

Flatmount mounting machine, AV Flexologic, quality report

“On the Flatmount, you can mount 30% faster than on a round machine”

Flatmount mounting machine, AV Flexologic, pressure roller

“It is also possible to get a Quality Report for the customer. So, the customer can see for himself that everything is correct.”

For additional information about the Flatmount, visit the product page.