Taiwan Lamination Industries, Inc

Taiwan Lamination Industries, Inc

“By investing in the SAMM 1300, we were hoping to achieve more automation in the mounting and printing process. It was essential for us to improve the quality of the print, efficiently and at the same time to reduce costs.

Today, I can say with confidence, that the machine lives up to our expectations and shows incredible mounting results. The machine significantly increased the efficiency and accuracy of the mounting process.  Compared with the past, now we are saving more than 50% in mounting time.

Also, we are really happy with the automation of the mounting process. The image recognition of the register of the plates and the robotic positioning allow an operator to be hand free during the mounting.  Besides, the machine does not require a specialist to mount plates because everyone can do it!”

-Taiwan Lamination Industries, Inc –

Taiwan Lamination, Inc. is a leading flexible packaging manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in the Flexible Packaging and multi-compound materials.