“With the FAMM, the time saved in applying the plates onto the sleeve is substantially satisfactory, and so is the repeatability. The operator does not have to be present to mount, being able to perform other tasks while the machine completes the mounting job.”


“The SAMM is easy to operate and very user-friendly. The pressure roller in both the FAMM and SAMM work perfectly fine: there are no air bubbles between plate and tape. The microdots on the plates are also very well visible, which increased the quality and accuracy of our printing. Also, the service provided by AV Flexologic is fast in response time and in problem solving, which prevents any disturbance to our production process. Thanks to the replacement of AV Flexologic’s MOM machines by the FAMM and SAMM, we are now able to cope in the mounting department with increased capacity and printing quality”.

Oerlemans Packaging has purchased a first generation SAMM.