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Mondi Group

“Thanks to the FAMM we have saved a lot of costs.”

This explained Joachim Block, technical director at Nordenia in Halle, Germany. Nordenia is now part of the Mondi Group.

Block: “AV Flexologic is the main supplier of flexo plate mounting machines for the whole Nordenia group and our cooperation with AV Flexologic has always been optimal.” 

He continues: “We consider AV Flexologic to be the market leader in the flexo plate mounting machines field and therefore we have a lot of confidence in their products. In the year 2008 we were looking for a new mounting machine and after comparison with mounting machines from other suppliers, we have made the decision to do business with AV Flexologic again. Especially if you have built up a good relationship for many years with your supplier, you should not just change suppliers. And if you still want to modernize your technology, then you look for the best technological solutions. The innovative and unique technology of the automatic FAMM fits perfectly with our goals. A reference visit to Elopak in the Netherlands, where the FAMM is already in operation, has convinced us and we have ordered the first FAMM in Europe for application in flexible packaging printing. Since November 2008 we have the Fully Automatic Mounting Machine in use, it is performing to full satisfaction.”

Nordenia in Halle in Germany is seen as a leading flexo printing company with 4 F+K  machines in three shifts, printing films for food and non-food flexible packaging. In 2002 they have invested in a new Mount-O-Matic 2000 MKII as an extension of their existing MOM of an earlier generation. This plant in Halle mounts over 8000 print jobs a year and because of a capacity problem Nordenia was looking for a new mounting machine in 2008. Not to expand, but to replace their oldest mounting machine. Nordenia has chosen the FAMM for three reasons: they want a faster turnaround time, better quality and cost effectiveness.


Joachim Block: “Our experience from the start with the FAMM is that it is much faster in comparison to our existing MOM 2000 and this has led to the fact that 80% of all our print jobs  are mounted with the FAMM. And that with one operator per shift. Thanks to the fully automatic system of the FAMM, the mounting time of a sleeve takes 5 minutes at most. The flexo plates, mounted with the FAMM show a great quality in print results: the register is always perfect. After the mounting process, we don’t need to apply corrections or any finishing activities. Whether the flexo plates are mounted on a Monday morning or Friday night, we see absolutely no difference in quality.

The cost savings that we have envisioned, with the installation of the FAMM, have been fully reflected. We need fewer operators and operation is simpler than we thought. We can much more adequately respond to customers who would like to see a faster delivery time than before. On a regular base we also use ready-made seamless sleeves, but our post calculations show us that the costs of mounted flexo plates (using our own FAMM)  are lower than the purchase of the ready-made sleeves. We have made the decision to keep up the use of these kind of sleeves on a low ebb. We  prefer our own mounted flexo plates.”


For the engineers at AV Flexologic it was a challenge to do the first installation of this automatic mounting machine for a customer who is printing flexible packaging.

Block: “We had a great need for modernization and you know when you invest in the latest technology into your printing company you are likely to encounter problems. AV Flexologic has in advance prevented that also in candor. In this project, you have to cooperate as partners. We did it, but also the good work of the engineers of AV Flexologic has led that we are particularly pleased with the FAMM and the results that we achieved.”