SAMM 1500 customer Altacel

Altacel: “We purchased a SAMM 1500 in 2015 and it has proven us a great deal ever since. We are mounting most of our jobs in advance, so our mounting department has a constant flow of plates to be mounted. 

The SAMM allows us to mount job after job on a high pace with higher accuracy than manual mounting. This way, we cover our mounting operations with one machine where others might need two.

The pressure roller of the SAMM made our print quality more consistent as it applies the exact same mounting pressure for all sleeves. By manual mounting using a roller, the amount of pressure applied differs per operator. As a result, we had to adapt in the press settings.

With the pressure roller this is history, and it saves our mounting operators a lot of physical effort.”
S. Brouwer – Production Manager Altacel

Altacel has purchased a First generation SAMM.