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TAD - Tape Applicator and Demounter

The TAD offers safe, fast and consistent tape application, while it can also be used as a Demounter to safely demount flexo plates and tape from sleeves, without damaging them.

Benefits of using the TAD:

  • Perfect aligned tape without air bubbles and minimal tape waste
  • Easy to use and minimal force required
  • Rigid steel construction
  • Highly efficient and fast
  • Decrease costs due to damaged plates, allowing for a quick return on investment
Tape application

Tape application

The TAD is equipped with a light and sturdy tape roller, that can be slid around to any desired position, to accurately apply tape.

The operator places the sturdy tape unit into position. The rotation of the sleeve is motorized and operated with a foot pedal. The rubber roller applies the tape without air inclusions onto the sleeve with minimum tape waste. Following, the knife unit cuts the tape seamlessly, without damaging the sleeve, as a result of the precise depth adjustment. After removing the excess tape, the taped sleeve is ready to mount plates onto.


Tape application

Demounting plates and tape

The operator places the sleeve onto the mandrel and locks it to keep the sleeve in place. The plate is detached easily from the sleeve using the Teflon knife, which ensures a damage-free operation.

The friction of the driven silicon roller enables the plate to be easily removed from the sleeve with minimum force and without damaging the sleeve. Additionally, the motorized rubber roller distributes the force equally over the entire width of the plate, as opposed to the edges, preventing wear and tear of the plates. The tape is effortlessly removed with the help of the rubber roller as well.