Semi-Automatic Mounting Machine (SAMM) Postprint

The semi-automatic flexo plate mouter (SAMM Postprint) for the corrugated flexo industry is AV Flexologic’s most advanced and automated mounting machine for mounting printing plates onto Mylars. The machine has been developed for our customers who demand the highest standards in mounting speed, repeatability, consistency and accuracy.



Image Recognition (patented)

Intelligent AV Flexologic software recognizes any register marks, consequently the machine positions the plate with a precision down to 5 microns.

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After mounting an automatic quality check is done using image recognition in order to ensure the precision of the mount.

Automatic positioning

A robotic manipulator automatically positions the flexo plates with a precision of 5 microns.

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The advanced image recognition system in combination with the automatic positioning makes the FAMM 2.0 is the fastest flexo plate mounting machine in the world.

Vacuum table

To ensure highly accurate positioning, the vacuum system fixates the plate to the robotic table before positioning.

Pressure Roller

After positioning the printing plates, the pressure roller fixes the plate onto the sleeve or cylinder. The pressure roller ensures air bubble free, quick and smooth mounting.

Touchscreen monitor

For quick and easy job entry and job retrieval.

A fixed one-size-fits all mounting cylinder

A computer controlled electronic motor directly drives the cylinder (gearless). The mounting cylinder is standard provided with a locking strip for the so-called Matthews or Bobst system, however other systems can be realized as well.

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The SAMM Postprint software automatically calculates any distortion based on the information provided in the job (mylar thickness, etc.). Distortion is then digitally compensated. This one mounting drum is thus suitable for all presses.

Vertical movement of cylinder (unique)

This feature enables a fixed focus of the cameras. It enhances precision and optimizes the workflow.

Digital Calibration of Camera Beam (patented)

The camera images are used in a calibration procedure to create a lookup table to digitally ‘straighten’ any deviations in the camera beam, down to 10 μm over the entire width of the camera beam / sleeve.

Workflow optimizing solutions

Workflow optimizing solutions

  • Compatible with ESKO PlatePatcher and Hybrid Patchplanner software
  • Compatible with most PDF type workflows. The machine can import the output file that contains the positions of the mounting marks. The cameras automatically move to the correct mounting positions.
  • Connections with ERP settings for job entry
  • Barcode scanners to pull the job information with the coordinates from your database
  • Remote support through internet

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"With the SAMM Postprint we're bringing Automatic Mounting to the corrugated industry."

Mounting for printing plates onto Mylar sheets has never been this easy.

The patented image recognition and automatic mounting ensure that the positioning accuracy is always less than 10 microns.

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Carminati & Guizzardi is an Italian company, which is present in the market since 1960. They were the first to introduce the hand-cut rubber printing plates and now provide services related to Pre-Press, Pre-mounting, Cleaning and Storage of mounting plates.

Carminati & Guizzardi has purchased a Postprint SAMM 3000.

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Amcor has been working with AV Flexologic's for over 15 years. The machines are placed all over the world in their different plants.
“In 2011 I travelled to Cumbria to see the FAMM in action at the SGS plant that serviced Amcor in the region. I was instantly intrigued by the simplicity and incredibly efficient output of the FAMM. I then travelled to Holland and viewed 2 FAMMS in operation at Elopak, again incredible output."

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Elopak supplies over 800 markets, which illustrates their need for an AV Flexologic FAMM in their workflow. Reinard Dreesmann, plant manager Elopak says: “Since the installation, output and quality are as expected. We mount approximately 1000 sleeves per week and mounting is considered an important part of the printing job. In the past, mis-registration often caused press down time. Now our mounting results are consisted and precise.”, in an article by Flexo & Gravure from 2008.

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Clear Lam

Clear Lam develops and manufactures flexible packages for foods, personal health care products, electronics and detergents. They are located in the USA and China where they produce hundreds of products for consumer packaged goods companies, retailers and other industrial manufacturers. An important factor of business for Clear Lam is that they minimize their impact on the environment. Clear Lam obtained a FAMM in 2010. Since Clear Lam is using the FAMM, the company is saving a lot of time. Operators attend to other tasks, while the FAMM is taking care of the mounting job. The FAMM suits the people focused environment of Clear Lam. The continuously improving workflow of the company has experienced a substantial boost after the FAMM was adopted into their operations.

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