AV Flexologic is proud to offer additional equipment to our clients, streamlining their flexo printing workflow. From plate making equipment and viscosity control, to Sleeve Storage System, our machines are equipped with the latest technology to provide the best in quality, accuracy and safety to our customers' work spaces. Read more›All equipment have been designed together with clients from all over the world. Inquire after any of the products and contact us.



Manual mounting is done with a basic machine. This machine is used for mounting one plate at a time and long job runs



The cameras, cylinder rotation and vertical movement of the cylinder are motorized. The front and back table support enables the operator to achieve high precision mounting and optimal plate positioning.


(SAMM 800 2.0)

The machines have a robotic mounting table to position the plates based on measurements coming from the image recognition system. Because of that, operator dependency is eliminated and a higher efficiency and accuracy of the mounting process is ensured.



The operator only puts the plate on a conveyor belt and the machine does the rest which results in optimal operator efficiency, speed and quality. Ideal for customers who mount a large amount of sleeves per day, and/or a large number of plates per sleeve.

Plate Making Equipment

Additional Equipment