Built on 15+ years of experience with automatic mounting machines, AV Flexologic’s SAMM 2.0 is currently one of the fastest and most accurate automatic flexo plate mounter in the narrow and wide web industry. This next-generation SAMM offers unmatched speed, accuracy and repeatability.

What is the difference between the SAMM 2.0 1300 and 800?

The SAMM 2.0 1300 and SAMM 2.0 800 are the same machine, built with the same features, but come in different sizes. The SAMM 2.0 800, which is available in ≤ 850mm (33.46”), is more suitable for narrow web flexo, whereas the SAMM 2.0 1300, which is available in ≤1300mm (52”), ≤1700mm (67”) and ≤2200mm (87”), is more suitable for wide web flexo. Both machines will here on be referred to as SAMM 2.0.

Why invest in the SAMM 2.0?

Optimizing every step in the mounting process, starting with positioning the flexo plate on the machine to mounting it onto the sleeve, our team was able to create the SAMM 2.0, making it one of the most effective and efficient automatic mounting machines to this date. It is therefore AV Flexologic’s bestselling mounting machine for the narrow and wide web industry. So what makes it so special and why should you invest in it?

Eliminates press downtime

The SAMM 2.0 eliminates press downtime.

Robotic table

Robotic positioning and mounting give the SAMM 2.0 the ability to feature a staggering 60-second mounting speed and place flexo plates with an accuracy of 5 microns.

Requires less operator interaction

The automatic mounting machine requires less manpower, therefore resulting in lower labour costs.

Promotes sustainability

It is more sustainable as it minimizes plate and ink changeovers.

“Since introducing the SAMM 2.0 into our workflow, we have realized significant workflow and productivity gains such as 1 hour of additional mounting capacity in an 8-hour shift, and 300 hours of additional press time annually due to full EasyReg functionality. The SAMM 2.0 is preferred over all the previous mounting devices, due to the improved registration and colour-to-colour accuracy. The machine recognizes pinholes from existing plates, in addition to marks on new plates, white it has improved operator ergonomics and offers higher operator satisfaction. So far, the calculated return on investments will be approximately 14 months, based on press and mounting productivity gains.” Anagram

What are the key features of SAMM 2.0?

With today’s technology, the SAMM 2.0 consists of various features that give it a competitive advantage in the narrow and wide web flexo industry. Below are a few of the key features that make it stand out.

Image Recognition Software

Image Recognition (patented)

Accuracy is one of the most important criteria in the flexo industry. Achieving consistent fine printing and packaging is the objective of every printing press as not only does it showcase the quality of work to the customers, but it also minimizes plate and ink changeovers and reduces waste, further increasing the sustainability of the mounting machine. Therefore, to fulfil the need for accuracy and precision, the SAMM 2.0 has been implemented with image recognition (IR) software. The IR system is programmed to measure the exact positions of the mounting marks on the flexo plate, thereby accurately fixing the printing plate onto the sleeve. This not only assures accuracy and precision but also saves the operator’s time in positioning the plate onto the sleeve. Hence, increasing the company’s level of productivity.

Pressure Roller

Automatic Pressure Roller

In addition to accuracy and precision, another perennial factor to consider when mounting flexo plates onto sleeves is air entrapment. The trapped air within the flexo plate can cause an edge lift, thereby resulting in the plate lifting off the edges from the sleeve. This as a result will affect printing quality and consistency. To avoid this a pressure roller is added to the SAMM 2.0. The pressure roller applies the plate evenly onto the sleeve, cylinder or Mylar without leaving any space for air to pass through, thereby eliminating air bubbles. This feature thus saves time and improves the overall working procedure.

Robotic Table

Robotic Table

The development of technology has allowed several industries to automate the production of their products. This in return helps the industry to increase productivity and reduce expenses by cutting down labour costs. The flexo industry however is one of the few that has not completely adapted to the automated world. Fortunately, as our motto reads, we at AV Flexologic innovate. We have installed our SAMM 2.0 with a robotic table which enables the machine to mount printing plates without operator interaction. Furthermore, the robotic table performs the mounting job with an accuracy of 5 microns, thereby guaranteeing precision. While the SAMM 2.0 is mounting each plate, the operator can simultaneously prepare the next plate.

Digital Calibration System

The images captured by the HD cameras are used in a calibration procedure to create a lookup table and digitally ‘straighten’ any deviations in the camera beam, down to 10 microns, over the entire width of the camera beam/sleeve. The image is automatically digitally adjusted, ensuring 100x more accurate mounting. Additionally, the measured Y-deviation is stored in a lookup table.

DOAL Lights

The image recognition system includes special DOAL lights with a half-transparent mirror which provide the best recognition conditions for automatic mounting. This is because the light comes from the side and is reflected down in the same direction the camera is looking. When the light hits the plate surface it reflects straight back up into the lens. The DOAL lights, therefore, prevent light dispersion, which could decrease the overall accuracy of the mounting process.

“We are really happy we invested in the SAMM 2.0 800. The efficiency of our prepress department significantly increased. Thanks to the SAMM, we don’t need to remount plates multiple times to achieve a high accuracy! The positioning and mounting are done automatically by the machine. The machine mounts plates extremely accurately and very fast. And, also, I want to mention that the ROI was achieved within 2 years!” GEOSTICK

Does the SAMM 2.0 have more features?

In addition to the aforementioned features, there are several optional equipments that can be added to the automatic mounting machine to make it more convenient to use. These are:

  • Tape holder on precision rail
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Automatic Easyreg detection
  • Shaft Coupling for cylinders
  • Tape applicator
  • TIR Sleeve measurement
  • Sleeve Tracking System
  • Cutting knife for tape

You can learn more about the aforementioned options by clicking here and scrolling down to Options Overview.

What does the SAMM 2.0 workflow look like?

With the aim of reducing operator interaction to the minimum, the automatic mounting machine only requires the operator to preposition the flexo plate roughly with the help of laser pointers. It then takes over, and with an accuracy of 5 microns, positions the flexo plate using inbuilt motorized cameras and the aforementioned image recognition (IR) software. Finally, the motorized front table automatically moves and the flexo plate is mounted onto the sleeve without any air bubbles. All in all, the automatic mounting machine features an astonishing 60-second mounting speed, provides high-quality demands, reduces press downtime, and most importantly, sets a higher standard for flexo mounting machines.

“By introducing the SAMM 2.0 in our workflow we have reduced our press downtime and waste related to plate lifts and air bubbles. We also improved efficiency and increased mounting consistency to the press department. So far, the SAMM has eliminated our air bubbles and reduced plate lifts by over 75%; in turn, we have significantly reduced our press downtime caused by prepress related issues.” COVERIS

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