Top 5 benefits of automatic mounting to the corrugated industry

Automatic mounting benefits the mounting workflow in the corrugated industry, through the equipment range of AV Flexologic.

SAMM Postprint is our new patented mounting machine. It has features such as automatic image recognition, robotic positioning of the plate and automatic quality checks. The SAMM Postprint allows fast and extremely accurate mounting of flexo plates onto mylars. The semi-automatic mounting machine for the corrugated industry comes with all the benefits imaginable.

Here are the top 5 Automatic Mounting Benefits:

  1. Up to 5 micron precision
  2. Fast mounting
  3. No more down time of the printing press due to mounting mistakes
  4. No more proofing needed to test the mounting quality (Proofing drum still optional)
  5. Ergonomic workflow

automatic mounting system

The SAMM Postprint has been developed in close collaboration with our customers. The main goal is to prevent press downtime due to mounting mistakes and to optimize the prepress workflow. The machine is therefore compatible with most PDF type workflows, ESKO Plate Patcher and Hybrid Patchplanner. It is important to notice that in the flexo industry, the postprint workflow it of extreme importance. If a mistake is made in the mounting deparment, the printing press will have to shut down. Automatic mounting prevents any errors due to the high precision. It leaves no room for mistakes. A proofing drum is still optional, AV Flexologic adapts to the customers needs wherever needed.