Labelexpo Europe 2017

We exhibited at Labelexpo Europe 2017!

AV Flexologic convinces continuously with innovation and quality. Our mission to deliver highly innovative and cost-saving solutions for the flexographic industry has not changed. To prove that once again, we exhibited at the Labelexpo 2017 in Brussels, Belgium.

This year at Labelexpo,we showcased our  intelligent, automatic  flexo plate mounting equipment for narrow-web together with cliche making equipment and more. Over the past years, we have refined our machines with new, innovative solutions to fulfill the needs of our customers even more. During the event, our visitors had the opportunity to experience our automatic machinery and get an in-depth explanation by our Sales Managers, who operate all over the world.

Stand Labelexpo


Below you can find all the showcased machines at the Labelexpo Europe 2017.  For additional information about the Labelexpo 2017, the machines and our co-exhibitors, please download our Labelexpo Booklet 2017.

Plate Mounting Machines

SAMM 800 2.0

SAMM 800 2.0

The Semi-Automatic Mounting Machine SAMM 800 2.0 is the patented high quality mounting machine for sleeves, which is the cost-efficient solution you are looking for. Its successful and guaranteed performance is based on the extremely accurate positioning of the plates combined with the Quality Report, which ensures consistent high quality standards and precision. The operator-friendly SAMM 800 2.0 can optimize the mounting process by including the optional automatic moving front table, which enables the machine to mount fully automatically for one plate.

Speaking with numbers, SAMM 800 2.0 can replace 2 traditional mounting machines and eliminate press downtime, providing you with the most accurate, fast and cost-saving mounting experience.

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Exhibiting models:   –  SAMM 800 Upside-Down Direct Drive

                                    –  SAMM 800 Upside-Down with air mandrel

SAMM 800 USD Sleeve for Labelexpo

The Semi-Automatic Mounting Machine SAMM Upside-Down for Sleeves is the solution for anyone who is looking for an automated, easy and fast mounting machine. The machine positions the plate automatically with the patented Image Recognition, while the cushioned table enables a mount without any air inclusions.  Additionally, an optional tape holder can be added to refine the machine. The SAMM USD’s efficiency was proved to be beneficial and cost-saving for companies, as according to a business case, the SAMM USD can replace three traditional mounting machines and saves costs for 2 additional operators in the mounting department.

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SAMM 800 USD Standard

SAMM USD 800 Standard for LabelexpoThe Semi-Automatic Mounting Machine SAMM Upside-Down for Sleeves or Cylinders provides the automation of the mounting process you need. Equipped with the latest mounting and easymount software, the SAMM 800 USD is the optimal solution for the operator. Additionally, the patented Image Recognition automatically positions the plate with the highest accuracy, providing the ultimate mounting process easy and fast . Instead of a mandrel, this SAMM 800 USD has a pneumatic clamping system which fixes the Cylinder, while a tape holder can be added to ease the application of tape.

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Plate Making Equipment

Allflexo is the exclusive agent of Toyobo’s Cosmolight flexo cliches and both companies were our co-exhibitors at Labelexpo in Brussels.  Our cliche making equipement includes the Cosmoline and the Aquasupreme, which are the ultimate flexo plate making machines in the industry. Below, you can find more information about the Toyobo flexo plates and our machines.



The Cosmoline is the ultimate water washable photopolymer plate processor, which includes an optional Exposure unit with UVA and UVC lights. Equipped with an inline processor, which automatically transfers the washable photopolymer plates to the drying unit, the Cosmoline saves valuable operator time and simplifies the plate making process. Additionally, the Cosmoline includes two adjustable washing plate brushes in order to ensure that all the residuals have been removed. The machine uses a sustainable mixture of water and 2% soap, while it has an automatic Ph controlled soap dispenser.

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Aquasupreme Labelexpo

The Aquasupreme is the eco-friendly solution for processing water washable flexo plates. The stainless-steel plate processing machine is used to wash out photopolymer printing plates without adding any detergent. The plates are cleaned in a mixture of water and 1% dishwasher soap, while  the polymer residuals are stored in a separate waste tank. Through an adjustable brush and water tank with a pump, the wash cycle is performed significantly quicker than with usual plate making solutions.

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Our co-exhibitors at the Labelexpo Europe 2017

  Leapfrog 3D printers          Toyobo                    Tech Sleeves                 All Flexo

co-exhibitors Labelexpo

Special Event


AV Flexologic hosted once again the Flexo Friday event on Tuesday 26th of September, from 14:00 – 17:00 @Labelexpo. Once again, the event was successful and our visitors had an unforgettable experience including networking, live music and drinks.

We are looking forward to the next Labelexpo! If you have any questions considering the machines that were exhibited, please contact us.