Photopolymer Plate Making System

Photopolymer plate making systems are able to create flexo plates that are used in the flexographic industry. With this manner of printing, the plates are mounted onto sleeves or cylinders which are then ready for the printing press. The quality of a plate is very important to the quality of the printed end result. There are various ways of creating these photopolymer plates, yet the most valued is the water-washable process of plate making systems. An example of a photopolymer plate making system is the Cosmoline from AV Flexologic.

Photopolymer Plate Making System – Cosmoline

The Cosmoline is a complete machine for processing water washable photopolymer flexo printing plates, such as Toyobo Cosmolight in the sizes up to 900 x 1200 mm. With the Cosmoline, a perfect flexo printing plate can be made in a very short time.

photopolymer plate making system

Photopolymer Plate Making System – Aquasupreme

The Aquasupreme is a complete photopolymer machine to process water washable flexo printing plates. The production time of a plate within this machine is significantly shorter than many other plate making solutions. The Aquasupreme incorporates AV Flexologic’s unique water cleaning membrane unit. This means that the polymer is continually being filtered from the water as it circulates within the wash system. The clean water returns to the wash tank and the pollymer residue is contained within a small waste tank, which only requires removal once or twice per week. The water is recycled without adding any detergent. The main wash tank and bath will always remain clean, and therefore the water within the system needs replacement only once in a while.

photopolymer plate making system

The Cosmoline, but also the Aquasupreme (a photopolymer plate making system) are able to create plates in a sustainable way by washing out the relief with a misture of waster and dishwasher soap (4%). This environmental friendly process also ensure a high quality flexo plate end result. TOYOBO, a Japanese company, specializes in this plate making process.


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