Flexographic Mounter Machine

The most important requirements for a flexographic mounter are precision, speed and quality. AV Flexologic offers mounters for the flexographic industry that tackle these exact challenges. Mounting in the flexographic industry means that the print will be made with the use of a photopolymer flexible plate that is mounted on a sleeve or cylinder upon which the mounted sleeve is loaded into a printing press, where ink and rotation will print the end result. This is exactly why precision and speed are very important to achieve quality.

Flexographic  Mounter

If the plate is mounted a bit off, not visible to the naked eye, the end result will be off as well, visible to the naked eye. What follows is the hassle of shutting down the printing press, demount the off plate, mount the plate again and reload the printing press. This is where you lose printing press time. One way of increasing your productivity here is by adopting (Semi)Automatic Mounting Machines. This leave no room for mounting errors which leads to a decrease of press down time. AV Flexologic offers the SAMM (Semi Automatic Mounting Machine) and the FAMM (Fully Automatic Mounting Machine). For the narrow web, wide web and corrugated industries.

The Semi-Automatic Mounting Machine (SAMM) belongs to the top range of AV Flexologic’s mounting equipment. The SAMM, available for every flexible printing width, combines conventional with automatic mounting, therefore you get best of both worlds. The automatic mounting system of the SAMM acts upon the crucial part of mounting, the positioning of the plate. The positioning is done by the machine instead of the operator, this results in high quality and consistent mounting. This patented machine is unique in the flexographic printing market.

The Fully Automatic Mounting Machine is suitable for every flexible packaging printer and is developed for our customers who demand the highest standards in mounting speed, repeatability, consistency and accuracy. The FAMM won several awards, among others the FTA’s technical innovation award.

Flexographic Mounter
Flexographic Mounter

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