Flexo Tape Mounter Machines

Mounting in the flexographic industry makes use of several aspects in the mounting process: a sleeve, a plate, a mounting machine and tape. The mounting machine makes sure that a plate is mounted exactly onto a sleeve so that the print from the printing press will allign precisely. A key factor here is the application of tape with a flexo tape mounter, which attaches the plate to the sleeve during the mounting process. This tape is very thin and sticky, which makes it difficult to apply hand. This also takes quite some time. Applying tape with the right pressure divided over the complete sleeve is crucial for optimal print results. A solution here is to have the tape applied with a machine. An example here is AV Flexologic’s Tape Applicator.

flexo tape mounter

Flexo Tape Mounter Machine – The Tape Applicator

The Tape Applicator is a flexo tape mounter that is able to apply tape right before the plate mounting process. This results in completely aligned tape and no air bubbles between tape and sleeve, which important for achieving maximum palte quality. The Tape Applicator is available as a stand alone machine, but it is also possible to have it fitted in to one of AV Flexologic’s mounting machines. The options here are numerous: manual mounting machines, semi automatic mounting machiens and fully automatic mounting machines that are all available for the narrow-web, wide-web or flexible and corrugated industries. To have the Tape Applicator fitted into one of these machines saves the preprint department a lot of time, it optimizes the production process in flexo printing. It is ideal for the packaging and converting industries.

Some advantages of the tape applicator alone include: perfectly aligned tape, minimal tape waste and no air bubbles between the tape and the sleeve. Also the huge amount of time saved with this machine has to be considered by potential customers.


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