Flexo Prepress Equipment

Flexo prepress equipment has to match high standards in order to produce the best quality prints. AV Flexologic offer (semi)automatic mounting machines and supporting equipment that fit the requirements of today’s printing press companies. AV Flexologics mounting machines have patented features which highlight the innovative nature of the equipment. The portfolio includes manual mounting machines (MOM), semi-automatic mounting machines (SAMM) and fully automatic machines (FAMM) for the narrow web, wide web (flexible) and corrugated industries. The automatic mounting machines save a significant amount of the operators time and store the ideal targeted position of a plate so that the next time, this plate is mounted even faster.

Flexo Prepress Equipment

The supporting equipment is optional and can often be included into a mounting machine. These include a tape applicator, laminators, demounters and the TIR Measurement System. The TIR measure the 3D landscape of a sleeve which ensures perfect quality before a sleeve is mounted and used in a printing press. Imperfect sleeves will result in bad quality prints and having this information in the prepress workflow is extremely valuable. The Demounter is the way to ensure perfect condition of plates, because it safely removes a plate from a sleeve which can then be stored for later use. The Tape Applicator can be fit into any mounting machine which saves the company an extra step in the prepress workflow. Note that almost all of AV Flexologic’s machines are suited for the all three (narrow web/wide web/corrugated) industries!

Flexo Prepress Equipment


Overlay System

Most of the prepress equipment that AV Flexologic offers is available with the patented overlay system. The proces of this system is described as follows:

Once the first plate is in the right position, the overlay module enables the operator to take and store a snapshot of the mounting marks, which is then shown on the monitor. Whilst mounting the next plates, this snapshot is displayed in a faded way on the monitor as a reference point for the operator. The operator simply has to position the mounting marks of the next plate(s) over its (overlay) in exactly the same position. The system enables snapshots to be taken of these second and next plates as well, which can serve as a digital proof for quality control purposes before printing. Several hairline types are available. The picture on the monitor is adjusted automatically for outside light influences such as brightness, gamma, sharpness, shutter, white balance, and gain.


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