Flexo Plate Mounter Machine

The most important requirements for a flexo plate mounter are precision, speed and quality. AV Flexologic offers mounters for the flexographic industry that tackle these exact challenges. Mounting in the flexographic industry means that the print will be made using a photopolymer flexible plate. The plate is mounted on a sleeve or cylinder which will be loaded into a printing press, where ink and rotation will print the end result. Therefore, precision and speed are very important to achieve quality.

Flexo Plate Mounter

AV Flexologic offers customers worldwide flexo plate mounter solutions. The flexo plate mounter equipment is available for three industries: narrow web, wide web and corrugated. For all three categories we offer different levels of automated equipment: manual mounting machines (MOM), the Semi Automatic Mounting Machines (SAMM) and the Fully Automatic Mounting Machines(FAMM).

Fully Automatic Flexo Plate Mounter

The Fully Automatic Mounting Machine 2.0 is able to mount fully automatically one flexo plate in less than one minute. The operator selects a job and places the plate on the mounting table. From there the machine positions the flexo plate using the patented Image Recognition software. The machine will automatically mount the flexo printing plate with accuracy down to 5 microns without any air inclusions. After the mounting process is over, the operator only has to unload the job.

Semi-Automatic Flexo Plate Mounter


The Semi Automatic Mounting Machine is our latest innovation and combines the skills of an operator with the high tech precision of the targeting equipment. An operator selects a job and and targets the machine roughly. Then, the SAMM takes over and positions the plate with a precision up to 5 microns. After this, the operator can take the mounted sleeve and load it in the printing press.

Why choose AV Flexologic?

AV Flexologic is the global market leader in mounting equipment, providing cost-saving and efficient solutions for the pre-press industry. With over 40 years of experience, AV Flexologic uses the latest technology and continuously innovates to provide the best solutions with and for its customers. Furthermore, the high-end mounting machines of our wide-ranging portfolio are designed to meet the demand of the highest standards such as mounting speed, repeatability, consistency and accuracy. Below, there are some of the patented features that make AV Flexologic’s mounting equipment unique:

features flexo plate mounter


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