Flexo Plate Demounter

In the flexo plate mounting industry there are three main quality’s that are valued by all the stakeholders in the industry: accuracy, speed and high quality. These aspects are achieved through the quality and investments in the prepress and postprint departments. An important factor is the quality of the mounting process and the mounting of plates on sleeves. Without precision the quality here could be disastrous. Precision is achieved with exact mounting and the quality of the plate. Of course it depends on what the quality of the plate is when it is manufactured, but it is also important that plates stay intact after they have been used. The moment that the flexo plates get damaged often is when the plate has to be removed from the sleeve, after the printing process. This process is called demounting and the best option to do it is with a flexo plate demounter.

Flexo Plate Demounter

A solution for managing the demounting process safely is with AV Flexologic’s De-Mounter. This is a stand alone machine that removes the flexo plates from sleeves quickly and without damaging the plate. This results in a quick return on investment, due to saved plates. The De-Mounter is easy to operate and requires minimal force. A highly efficient and quick way of demounting.

 flexo plate demounter

The De-Mounter from AV Flexologic comes for the narrow-web and wide-web industry, but also the corrugated industry. These machine are fitted to the needs of each. An extra option any client has is to have their De-Mounter also apply tape, right after the plate has been removed. The Tape Applicator is then fitted in the De-Mounter upon which it is able to apply plate. This saves a significant amount of time in the preprint department. The Tape Applicator is also available for all three industries.

Tape Applicator flexo plate demounter


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