Flexo Mounting Machines

The flexography industry takes a large share of printing for the flexo packaging industry. Three categories can be distuingished: the narrow-web industry, the wide-web industry and the corrugated industry. The text that follows here will give you an elaborate introduction to the flexo narrow-web or label industry. Flexo mounting machines in particular.

Flexo mounting machines process

The process of printing in the flexography industry takes place in three stages. The first stage is the creation of a plate, which will eventually be used to transfer ink. The second step is to transfer the plate onto a sleeve or bridge. This will in its turn be used in the printing press, which will perform the actual printing. It is vital for the quality of a print that the plate is mounted perfectly onto the sleeve. This is where flexo mounting machines come in.

A flexo mounting machine places the plate on a sleeve with specific targeting and a vacuum, in order for it to stay in place. There are many different sorts of prepress mounting machines. This also depends on which industry the mounting machine is used for. The narrow-web industry is especiallly relevant for label making. The most important factors in the flexo mounting machine process are accuracy, precision and speed. These will result in the best possible print quality.

Mounting nowadays can be done automatically, yet semi automatic or manual machines are still popular. The difference is the level automatic positioning and placing of the plate on a sleeve. A fully automatic mounting machines is able to place a plate and mount independently. The semi autmoatic mounting machine is similar, but needs some assitance with the positioning of the plate. The manual mounting machines only assist in referencing the position of the plate, placing it has to be done by an operator.

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