Flexo Cliche or Plates

In the flexographic industry the manner of printing relies heavily on the quality of flexo cliche. Which is esentially the stamp that a printing press uses to press ink on paper. The cliche’s quality is important, because even the smallest damage in the photopolymer plate would be visible in the end result. Cliche is another word for plate.

Flexo Cliche Plate Making

flexo cliche

AV Flexologic specializes in three aspects that might be of interest; flexo cliche making, cliche mounting and cliche demounting. The  flexo cliche creation process can be done with the Cosmoline. he Cosmoline is a complete machine for processing water washable photopolymer flexo printing plates, such as Toyobo Cosmolight in the sizes up to 900 x 1200 mm. With the Cosmoline, a perfect flexo printing plate can be made in a very short time because of its advanced in-line process. More specifically, after washing out the residuals of the flexo cliché, the cliché automatically passes to the drying unit. Therefore, it saves valuable operator time and shortens the cliché making process.

The Cosmoline reduces the plate handling for the operator by automating the process of washing your (Toyobo) flexo printing plates. As shown in the video above, after placing the plate in the machine, it will then be transported automatically through the inline processor. The plate is washed out in a mixture of water and 2% dishwasher soap. The Cosmoline has instead of several round brushes, one large plate brush for an increased coverage and rotates clockwise and counterclockwise. A second brush rolls over the plate to remove any left-over residue. As a last step, the machine dries the plate, leaving you with a perfectly processed flexo printing plate. Of course it is possible to filter the photopolymer from the water by using our membrane filter. This is not necessary for letter press plates. All machine settings are adjustable to your situation.

Flexo Cliche Mounting Machines

AV Flexologic has a wide-ranging portfolio including flexo plate mounting equipment. Flexo cliche mounting can be done with any of AV Flexologic’s mounting machines.They come as manual (MOM), semi-automatic (SAMM) and fully automatic mounting machines (FAMM).

flexo cliche semi automatic mounter

Flexo Cliche Supporting Equipment

Cliche demounting is done to avoid damaging a plate when removing it from a sleeve or cylinder. This can be done with the De-Mounter. Almost all of AV Flexologic’s flexo cliche machines are fit for the narrow-web, wide- web/flexible and corrugated industries. 

flexo cliche demounter


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