Cliche Mounter Machines

Another word for plate is cliche. A cliche mounter, or plate mounter, is a machine in the flexographic industry, where cliches are mounted onto sleeves or cylinders that are used in a printing press. AV Flexologic offers customers worlwide cliche mounter solutions. The cliche mounting equipment is available for three industries: narrow web, wide web and corrugated. For all three categories we offer different levels of automated equipment: manual mounting machines (MOM), the Semi Automatic Mounting Machines (SAMM) and the Fully Automatic Mounting Machines (FAMM). Please look also in the supporting equipment that we offer on this webiste. The quality of a cliche mounter is vital in the preprint process of a printing press. They rely on accuracy and speed.

Semi-Automatic Cliche Mounter

SAMM 2.0 cliche mounter

The Semi Automatic Mounting Machine is our latest innovation and combines the skills of an operator with the high tech precision of the targeting equipment. An operator selects a job and and targets the machine roughly. Then the SAMM takes over and positions the plate with a precision up to 5 micron. The operator can then take mounted sleeve and load it in the printing press. The automatic mounting system of the SAMM acts upon the crucial part of mounting, the positioning of the plate. The positioning is done by the machine instead of the operator, this results in high quality and consistent mounting. This patented machine is unique in the flexographic printing market.

Fully Automatic Cliche Mounter

FAMM 2.0 cliche mounter

The Fully Automatic Mounting Machine only requires basic knowledge on the operators end. The operator selects a job and places the plate on the mounting table. From there the machine guides the cliche over the table, places it with its laser targets and proceeds to mount. From there the operator only has to unload the job. The Fully Automatic Mounting Machine is suitable for every flexible packaging printer and is developed for our customers who demand the highest standards in mounting speed, repeatability, consistency and accuracy. The FAMM won several awards, among others the FTA’s technical innovation award.


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