Automatic plate mounting in the flexo industry

Why is automatic mounting the new industry standard?

The flexographic industry has become more competitive. It is visible through the increasing demand for the highest quality and the fastest printing jobs. Shortening the flexography workflow is vital for achieving this goal. One method of doing this is to adapt the mounting department through automatic mounting. The workflow is an important variable in the level of quality in the printed end result. For the quality of the print there is no room for mistakes. The industry feels the pressure to improve and speed up. Automatic mounting is a well-developed concept used to achieve this goal.

Methods of automatic mounting

As the video above illustrates, there are several possibilities when optimizing your mounting department. First of all there is the semi-automatic mounting machines (SAMM).  With the SAMM 2.0, the operator needs only to select the job to be performed and to place the flexo plate onto the mounting table. After the plate is recognised, the vacuum-assisted system secures it onto the table and automatically positions and adjusts the plate with the register marks, all with an accuracy of 5 microns.

The second way of automatic mounting is even more independent. The fully automatic mounting machines (FAMM) has a conveyor belt upon which the operator roughly places the plate in the middle. After that, the operator is able to attend other tasks because the FAMM takes over completely. Recently the FAMM 2.0 was released and this one was designed to be even faster. It is able to mount to plates in under two minutes! The biggest benefit of this development is the extreme accuracy that the equipment achieves through automatizing the mounting process. The machines are able to do this way more precise than humans. Accuracy is up to 0,005 microns. High precision of the placement on a sleeve is of the utmost importance for the quality of the print in the end.

Return on investment

When a flexo plant acquires an automatic mounting machine it usually replaces the manual equipment. Of course the automatic mounting machines is sometimes also an addition to the mounting process, however, usually, a single semi-automatic mounting machine replaces three manual machines in terms of speed. The same goes for a fully automatic mounting machine. This is why return on investment for a single plant is often within the same year of the purchase. The benefits for the industry to switch to automatic mounting are numerous. Contact us for a personalized return on investment calculation!
This business case shows how an investment on a FAMM 2.0 could benefit your plant. This company handles 22.000 – 24.000 sleeves annually.

Business case with automatic mounting machine


AV Flexologic offers a wider range of machines with different levels of automation. The flexible or wide-web industry has different needs than the narrow-web industry or the corrugated industry. Below there is another video of one of the examples of machines, the SAMM. The clip shows how the machine mounts two plates in under two minutes with little help from the operator.

The video illustrates the ease and speed of mounting automatically. These factors are vital in the flexo industry. If you need any more information on the types of equipment, please review the product page. In case there are any questions that remain after the reader watches the video’s please don’t hesitate to contact AV Flexologic. The company often exhibits its machines at trade shows and other flexo events which is the perfect opportunity for a demonstration. Come see us!