AV Flexologic will once again present its ground-breaking technology at Drupa 2020 trade fair, the largest exhibition for packaging and converting in the flexographic industry with over 260.165 total number of visitors from 183 countries.

When: 16-26 of June 2020

Where: Messe Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany. Visitor address: Am Staad, 40474 Düsseldorf, Germany

Tickets: Register online and get your Drupa ticket here.

AV Flexologic at Drupa 2016

Our machines at Drupa 2020

AV Flexologic is a pioneer in the flexographic industry and at Drupa 2020 will present its complete flexo solutions for optimizing the pre-press workflow as a total. Our machines range from entry-level to fully automatic. Come and meet us in person at Hall 10, stand #B22. We are looking forward to providing you a demo of our equipment!


SAMM 2.0 800 Drupa 2020

Automatic SAMM 2.0 800

The Automatic SAMM 2.0 is a unique machine in the flexo industry and the world’s most accurate flexo plate mounter for sleeves. The next generation SAMM offers unmatched accuracy, repeatability, and speed. The machine is equipped with the patented Image Recognition system for automatic plate positioning with an accuracy down to 5 microns.

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MOM USD Drupa 2020

Motorized MOM USD

The MOM USD is an entry-level motorized mounting machine for labels. It is equipped with all the AV Flexologic standard features and ensures good quality results with minimum effort. The cushioned table ensures a bubble-free mounting process while the machine has a very sturdy construction.

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Fully Automatic FAMM 2.0

The next generation FAMM, is the ideal solution for short and frequent job runs as it mounts fully automatically one plate after another in less than a minute per plate. The operator only needs to select a job and then the machine takes over, enabling an operator-independent mounting process with an accuracy of 2 microns.

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SAMM 2.0 At Drupa 2020

Automatic SAMM 2.0

The Automatic SAMM 2.0 is the world’s fastest and most accurate flexo plate mounter featuring unmatched repeatability and speed. The next generation SAMM mounts fully automatically a plate in less than one minute, while the operator is free to perform other tasks.

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New MOM DDS 1500 for Drupa 2020

Motorized MOM DDS 1500

The MOM DDS is the industry-standard mounting machine for manual positioning and mounting of flexo plates. This motorized flexo plate mounter is equipped with all the AV Flexologic standard features.

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Supporting Equipment

Sleeve Storage System Drupa 2020

Sleeve Storage System

The Semi-Automatic Sleeve Storage System offers the ultimate protection for printing sleeves and saves costs from buying new ones because of distortion and damage. The vertical storage prevents sleeve swelling and saves space. This storage system is customizable to your needs while the automatic option provides automatic movement of the racks and easy retrieval of the sleeves.

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Demounter Drupa 2020


The Demounter offers safe and easy removal of the plates and tape from printing sleeves. It is equipped with 2 rubber rollers and a foot pedal for rotating the sleeve. During the automatic mounting process, the operator can use a Demounter to prepare the next sleeves for mounting. Watch the real-time video here.

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Tech Cart Drupa 2020

Tech Cart®

The Tech Cart is used during the whole pre-press workflow to transfer sleeves effortlessly from the Sleeve Storage System, to the Tape Applicator and then to the mounting machine. After mounting, the sleeves are loaded again to the Tech Cart and are sent to the printer. After printing, they are transferred with the Tech Cart to the Demounter for removing the plates and the tape. The process is completed when the sleeves are back to the Storage System.

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The Flatmount is a premier flat flexo plate mounting machine for mounting flexo plates onto mylars. Mounting with the Flatmount is very fast and maximizes efficiency while the related costs are decreasing.

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The SAMM Postprint is a unique machine in the corrugated postprint industry featuring an automatic positioning of the flexo plates and a vacuum table. Additionally, the SAMM Postprint is equipped with a proofing cylinder for proofing the mounting marks.

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Tech Sleeves

Tech Seeves At Drupa 2020

Tech Sleeves provides the flexographic industry with innovative customized solutions for high-quality printing. Tech Sleeves is a sister company of AV Flexologic and offers unique options for durable and long-lasting sleeves such as rubber-sealed edges, metal inner ring, metal cutting line and conductive sleeves with the use of carbon.

AllFlexo & Toyobo

Allflexo Toyobo

AllFlexo is a sister company of AV Flexologic and distributes consumables for the flexographic industry. AllFlexo is the official distributor of Toyobo’s water-washable flexo printing plates.

AV Flexologic produces the Cosmoline, an inline washer and drying unit for processing water-washable photopolymer plates. The machine reduces the plate handling for the operator by automating the process of washing your flexo printing plates.

Leapfrog 3D Printers

Bolt Pro 3d Printer At Drupa 2020

Leapfrog produces professional 3D printers with advanced features such as independent dual extruders. At Drupa 2020, Leapfrog will showcase its flagship printer, the Bolt Pro and its bigger 3D printer, XceL, which can print a volume up to 610L and 2.2 meters height.

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