Drupa 2016

This is what we showed at Drupa 2016 in Düsseldorf

AV Flexologic is best known for its plate mounting machines, but we have a wider range of products that have been developed throughout the past decades. Quality plate making equipment, tape applicators, demounters, TIR sleeve measurement systems and sleeve cleaners belong to the portfolio. All these products are created and developed together with clients from all over the world. Especially relevant is the fact that AV Flexologic produces equipment for the narrow-web, wide-web/flexible and corrugated industries.

At Drupa, we displayed a wide range of the machines and our technical and sales staff offered many demonstration of our latest equipment. The event was a great success and AV Flexologic is already looking forward to next Drupa in 4 years. In the meantime, please see our machines that we brought listed below and contact us for any additional information you might need. Our team is happy to answer your question or send you some more detailed material.

Below you can find all the machines that were on show at Drupa 2016! Click the link of each machine to find more information of that product.

FAMM 2.0FAMM 2.0 cover closed compressed at Drupa

The Fully Automatic Mounting Machine is the most innovative addition to the AV Flexologic portfolio yet. Since the invention of the FAMM we released the FAMM 2.0 only this year while the development has been in process for quite some time now. As a result, the FAMM is much faster so shorter job are possible.

Short job runs, quick changeover times and high quality is achieved, while at the same time the FAMM mounts fast, consistently, and accurately.

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TAMM 1700


Top content box TAMM at Drupa

The new Tape Automatic Mounting Machine is AV Flexologic’s innovative and patented automatic tape applicator. This machine optimizes employee efficiency while minimizing press downtime and waste of tape. Moreover, the TAMM eliminates the tedious process of tape appliance and through its automatic software the TAMM enables operators to dedicate their time elsewhere. It is suitable for all types of sleeves and cylinders.

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Flatmount 3000

flatmount at Drupa

The Flatmount is the flatbed mounting machine in AV Flexologic’s corrugated postprint series.

It has been especially developed for mounting of flexo plates on mylar sheets. The full range of options was demonstrated at Drupa; Pressure Roller, Laser pointers and Overlay System. AV Flexologic’s Flatmount is and easy to operate mounting system with the full range of options listed. The two monitors of the machine make sure that the operator monitors the process carefully. In addition, the Overlay System ensures perfect alignment and positioning of the plate onto the sheet. The HD cameras enable for the process to be documented. The machines computer saves the position of the plate which is convenient for future reference. All positions are always stored so that the computer can recall them at any moment thereafter.

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SAMM 3000 Postprint

samm postprint at Drupa

The Semi Automatic Mounting Machine 3000 Postprint belongs to the top range of AV Flexologic, because it’s features include a robotic positioning, image recognition software, automatic quality check and ensures high accuracy.

With the SAMM Postprint AV Flexologic brings Automatic Mounting to the corrugated industry.


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SAMM + built-in TIR

Product group image (SAMM) at Drupa
The Semi Automatic Mounting Machine was on display with the additional TIR measurement system.

The automatic mounting system of the SAMM acts upon the crucial part of mounting, the positioning of the plate. It combines conventional with automatic mounting and is available for every flexible printing width. During Drupa 2016 it became clear why the SAMM is so popular among flexo printing press companies, there is nothing like it on the market right now quite just like it. Please contact our team if you need any additional information or a calculation of your return on investment.

The TIR system analyzes the quality of the sleeve or the cylinder, with or without tape, by measuring the ‘3D landscape’ of the surfaces. Measuring the sleeve condition is highly important for the quality of the print at the end of the flexography workflow. The TIR has won an FTA award, since it tackles a problem that the industry has not yet found another solution for. The TIR can be fitted into any of our mounting machines.

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Read more about the TIR measurement system.

MOM DD+PRO shaft coupling

MOM DD Pro at Drupa
The Mount-O-Matic Direct Drive Plus Pro is the current industry standard for mounting flexographic printing plates onto sleeves or cylinders.

This flexo plate mounter is simple to operate and extremely precise, delivering high quality. The machine has various additional options and can be used for both sleeves and cylinders. The Mom DD+ Pro has a directly driven mandrel which is operated with the foot pedal below. The additional pressure roller ensures an air-bubble free appliance of the plate onto the sleeve. Furthermore, the two screens of the MOM give the operator the ability to monitor the process carefully.

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TIR measurement system

TIR at Drupa

The TIR Sleeve Measurement System is available as a standalone machine and analyzes the quality of the sleeve or the cylinder, with or without tape, by measuring the ‘3D landscape’ of the surfaces. The stand alone TIR is available with the tape applicator fitted into it (as shown in the image). This combination ensures the optimal set-up for a high quality prepress department.

The workflow will never again experience any press downtime due to worn out sleeves.

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Demounter 1700

De-Mounter at Drupa
This machine efficiently removes plates and tape from sleeves and/or cylinders so that they are not damaged. As a result, plates can be reused or stored away safely.  The Demounter is often offered in combination with one of our (semi) automatic mounters since the productivity of the mounting department increases and the removal of plates needs to happen quickly as well.

It saves costs due to a decrease of damaged plates. Finally, it works efficient, quick and requires minimal force.

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SAMM 800

samm 800 at Drupa
The Semi-Automatic Mounting Machine replaces two traditional mounting machines thus with this narrow-web machine the prepress mounting department will be two times as faster.

This SAMM is especially made for Narrow Web and it’s equipped with an intelligent system that automatically monitors and controls the positioning of flexo plates. Due to the vacuum table and the Easy Recognition system the operator is able to apply his time more efficiently. The semi-automatic system optimizes the quality of the plate placement on sleeves.

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MOM Upside-Down at Drupa
The Mount-O-Matic Upside Down is a cost efficient alternative to the MOM DD+ and SAMM machine.

AV Flexologic configures the MOM USD to work with a large variety of cylinder types and sleeves, making this an all-round solution to service multiple printing presses. In addition to this, the MOM USD uses the patented Overlay System which enables an operator to prove quality. Due to this feature, the press downtime decreases significantly.


Cosmoline 900

Tile Cosmoline at Drupa
The Cosmoline is a complete photopolymer machine, which processes water washable flexo printing plates. Firstly, through this investment any flexo plant is able to create their flexo plates at the plant itself. Another benefit here is the sustainable method that the Cosmoline uses with a mixture of water and 1% dishwasher soap. Due to the membrane unit installed into the machine, this plate making machine is the best and sustainable solution for any plant.

It offers a consistently perfect plate quality and is easy to operate.

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