AV Flexologic

With over 40 years of experience in the flexographic industry, AV Flexologic has always been on the edge of innovation, making it a global leader in high-end, high-precision and high quality products. AV Flexologic is able to deliver these products for every system and budget.

AV Flexologic b.v. was set up in 1968-1969, and was officially registered as Anderson and Vreeland n.v. Holland on February 1st, 1969. The company was owned by Anderson and Vreeland Inc. for 90%. In 1982 the companies were seperated and continued independently from each other. Since 2009 AV Flexologic is owned by the Otten family. The company is headquartered in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands.

Our program covers a complete line of mounting and proofing machines for various markets, flexographic plate making and mounting equipment, viscosity controls, and a seamless sleeve making system. To complete this program we also supply consumable goods such as photopolymer plates, a wide range of double sided adhesive tapes, both hard and compressible, as well as compressible material.
AV Flexologic is a leading and experienced manufacturer of equipment in the Flexographic Industry. All equipment is manufactured and designed with high precision, while at the same time ensuring a safe and environmentally friendly operation.

Up to 300% more efficiency

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