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AV Flexologic

For the past 40 years AV Flexologic has been the driving factor behind the biggest innovations in the flexographic prepress and especially mounting industry becoming an internationally known manufacturer of flexographic mounting equipment. After inventing the mounting cameras, AV Flexologic now has a patent on automatic mounting using image recognition. The (semi-) automatic mounting machines are more accurate and precise than any operator could be. AV Flexologic continues to innovate for the benefit of its customers. 

"We have the clear goal to save costs and increase efficiency and quality for our customers. Using highly innovative technologies, we are able to provide the best solutions between design and the printing press, focusing on digitizing traditional workflows.” 

Although AV Flexologic is best known for its plate mounter machines, it has a wider range of products that have been developed throughout the past decades. Quality plate making equipment, tape applicators, demounters, TIR sleeve measurement systems and sleeve cleaners belong to the portfolio. All these products have been developed together with its clients. 

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